Psalm 145

Characteristics of God


This week, I’m trying something different. Substack is expanding their audio (podcast) and video tools, which is a great resource for writers. I wrote a lesson for the middle school and high school students at my church about the characteristics of God using Psalm 145, so I thought I’d turn that into a video lesson for you. This is my first attempt at creating something like this on my own, so please be patient with me as I learn.

Before you watch the lesson, please download and print the characteristics of God table below. This is a resource you can use as you watch the lesson, and you can also use it as your own tool to identify characteristics of God as you read Scripture.

Characteristics Of God Table
124KB ∙ PDF file

Once you watch the video, my challenge for you is to use this characteristics of God table to identify characteristics of God as you read through one psalm this week. Then comment below which psalm you read and how many characteristics you found. I’d love to hear from you!

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I’d also love your feedback on whether you like this format and whether you would like to see more audio or video used in future lessons. I’m always interested in knowing what is most effective for reaching people for God’s kingdom.

Have a great week!


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