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Grounded in the Bible offers courses to help develop discipleship habits that will support you as you grow in your Christian faith.

Course 1

This 4-week course will include:

  • One 15-20 minute video lesson each week

  • One activity each week (in 3 of 4 weeks) for deeper reflection

  • A daily Bible reading plan

  • One assessment each week for journaling and reflection

  • Intro and Conclusion videos to get you started and to wrap up the course

Weekly lessons include:

  • Week 1: “Big Why”: Understanding the Purpose Behind the Change

  • Week 2: Mindset Shift: Feeling the Need for Spiritual Nourishment

  • Week 3: Starting a Habit: Putting New Mindsets Into Motion

  • Week 4: Finding Time: Focusing on the Best

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Spending time in the Bible daily is a foundational part of growing in your relationship with Christ. The Bible is where we hear from God and learn how he wants us to live. It’s where we are introduced to Jesus, the only one who can save us from our sins. If we don’t spend time in God’s word, we are likely to grow stale in our faith rather than having a growing, thriving relationship with God. So who would benefit from this course?

  • Christians who have been believers for a while but haven’t ever developed a daily Bible reading or devotional habit

  • Christians who used to be faithful in daily Bible reading but have let that habit slip away (this was me!!)

  • Christians who see Bible reading more as something on their “to do” list rather than something they look forward to

  • Christians who see Bible reading as something they “have to” do or “should” do and not what they “want” to do

  • Christians who are leaders in their church or other circles who might want to recommend this course as a resource to their fellow believers

  • New Christians who are just getting started in growing their faith

  • People who are curious about Christianity and want to learn more about what is in the Bible

If you fall into any of these categories, I invite you to join me in starting a daily Bible reading habit! This course makes it simple by giving you practical strategies you can implement immediately to help you take your first steps to building a daily Bible reading habit that will last a lifetime.

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