I have one to share this week. As some of you know, I work with the middle school group at my church. This past weekend, we attended a middle school youth conference. It was a blessing to see God at work in the lives of youth. They participated, worshipped, asked questions, and engaged with Scripture. And none of this could have taken place without the countless volunteers and planning hours that I know went into it. It was definitely an example of God at work through his people to reach our youth. I strongly believe that the middle school and high school years are where we lose our youth to mainstream culture, so this is a vital time in their lives that we need to reach out to them with the love of Christ.

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Feb 3, 2022Liked by Karen Hoffman

A couple weeks ago my husband and I had an opportunity to lead worship for a women's encouragement day for homeschool moms. It was definitely something that God orchestrated because there was another individual who was supposed to lead, but had a family emergency, so we were asked to step in a week before the event. It came at a time that we were feeling discouraged (particularly my husband) and were also recovering from sickness. Our home was filled with worship that week with the planning, preparing and practicing. We were able to fix our eyes back on God and his incredible qualities and characteristics. So while we were able to fill a need for someone else, it was also much needed for us and really encouraged our hearts. It was truly a blessing.

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