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Our family has experienced in a huge way God's provision over the last several months. My husband lost his job at the end of last year and has been looking for a new job; but it has been a long, slow process. He was the sole source of income, so financially it has been challenging. However, we have seen God's faithfulness to provide for us in so many ways. We have received financial gifts from many that have been a huge blessing. There was one gift in particular that just blew us away in their generosity and the unexpected timing of the gift. There have been opportunities for mowing jobs, gifts of needed household items, a daughter who put together a lemonade stand to help raise money for buying school supplies for this year, mobile food distribution pick up sites to help with the grocery bill, gifts from family so our kids can continue their extracurricular activities for the school year...the list goes on. I have witnessed first hand the Creator providing for our family with every resource at his disposal. What a faithful God we serve!

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