This past Sunday we had our annual Thanksgiving SoupFest at church. Each year, we have one of our missions partners give us an update on what is going on in their ministry. This year, we had someone from Multiply share with us, and she pointed us to a website that has short videos to encourage prayer for the nations around the world. Each nation has a video to share what it is like to be a Christian there, what struggles they face, and how to pray for them. We watched three videos - France, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. What really struck me was how different the situations are in each country, yet God knows each situation intimately and he knows exactly what people need in those countries to be able to find him and follow him. If you are interested, the website is https://prayercast.com/index.html. I'm hoping to share more from this website in Witness Wednesdays starting in 2023.

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We praise God for keeping us safe as we made the trip to Florida. we had night driving but had no problems.

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Nov 16, 2022Liked by Karen Hoffman

When we were eating out with Wallace at Cracker Barrel some one paid for our meal.

Being Jesus with skin on.

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